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Creep - Akordy

[G](355433) [H](799877) [C](81010988) [Cmi](81010888) [TEXT:] (I) [G] [B] [C] [Cmi] [G] (1) When you were here before [H] Couldn't look you in the eyes [C] You're just like an angel [Cmi] Your skin makes me cry [G] (2) You float like a feather [H] In a beautiful world [C] I wish I was special [Cmi] You're so very special [G] (R) But I'm a creep [H] I'm a weirdo [C] What the hell am I doin' here [Cmi] I don't belong here [G] (3) I don't care if it hurts [H] I wanna have control [C] I want a perfect body [Cmi] I want a perfect soul [G] (4) I want you to notice [H] When I'm not around [C] You're so very special [Cmi] I wish I was special.... (R) But I'm a creep... (I) [G] [B] [C] [Cmi] [G] (5) Whatever makes you happy [H] Whatever you want [C] You're so very special [Cmi] Wish I was special... (R) But I'm a creep... [G] (I) I don't belong here
Albert Hammond
16. 07. 2015