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If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags) - Akordy

[Asus2](X02200) [Asus4](X02230) [Dsus2](XX0230) [Dsus4](XX0233) [TEXT:] (I) [A] | [D] | [A][Asus2] | [D] | [A] | [G] | [A] | [Asus2] [A]|[D] | [A][Asus4] | [A] (1) My heart is empty [E] |[E] | [A] | [D] Your eyes are dull. [A] |[D] |[A][Asus4] | [A] Once we were hungry, [G]|[D] |[A] | [A7] Now we are full. [D] | [Dsus4] |[A][Asus4] | [A] These ties that bind us, [H7]| | [D] |[D][Dsus4] | [Dsus4][D]| [D][Dsus2] Can't beat these chains. [A]|[D] |[A][Asus4] | [A] If love is shelter, [G]| |[D] |[A] I'm gonna walk in the rain. (I) [D][Dsus2] | [A] | [D] | [A] | [G] | [A] | [Asus2] [A]|[D] |[A][Asus4] | [A] (2) You were my angel. [E] |[E] | [A] | [D] Now, you are real. [A] |[D] |[A] [Asus4]| [A] So like a stranger, [G]|[D] |[A] | [A7] Colder than steel. [D] |[Dsus4]|[A][Asus4] | [A] That morning after, [H7]| | [D] |[D][Dsus4] | [Dsus4][D]| [D][Dsus2] You know what you bring. [A]|[D] |[A] [Asus4]| [A] If love is a red dress, [G] |[D] |[A] Well, hang me in rags. (I) [D] | [A][Asus2][A] | [D] | [A] | [G] | [A] | [A7] [D] |[Dsus4]|[A]| [A] (3) Oh Well [E] |[E] |[A] | [A7] There goes the fairy tale. [D] |[Dsus4] |[A] Lord, ain't it a shame? [D] |[A] In all this comfort, [G]| |[A] I can't take the strain. (I) [D] | [A] | [D] | [A] | [G] | [A] | [Asus2] [A]|[D] |[A][Asus4] | [A] (4) If we played even, [E]|[E] |[A] | [D][Dsus4][D] I'd be your queen. [A]|[D] |[A] [Asus4]| [A] But someone was cheatin'. [G] |[D] |[A] | [A7] And it wasn't me. [D] |[Dsus4] |[A][Asus4] | [A] I've laid it on the table, [H7]| |[D] |[D][Dsus4] | [Dsus4][D]| [D][Dsus2] You held something back. [A]|[D] |[A] [Asus4]| [A] If love is Aces, [G] |[D] |[A] Give me the Jack (I) [D] | [A][Asus2] | [D] | [A] | [G] |([G])| [A]
If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags)
Maria Luisa McKee
29. 03. 2016